We are looking forward to being back at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole, close to the centre of Birmingham. The facilities are perfect for young Unitarians, especially as there is swimming pool and the hotel is near so many attractions. This sheet gives you information about the organisation for the different age groups.


A free crèche is available for young children (0-4) during the daytime meetings. Please let us know by 01 February if you want to access this facility – as we need to book this. Please note that if we get limited bookings for the crèche it may be combined with the GA Kids age group.

GA Kids

GA Kids (formerly called the Junior Programme) will once again be welcoming 5 to 11 year olds each day of the Meetings. Sessions are run from breakfast to lunch (children usually return to their parents at lunchtime), then from after lunch to dinner time. Activities will be varied and lively, including trips out and possibly a swim. Bring a swimsuit and towel! At other times this age group will be the responsibility of their parent(s)/ guardian(s). Your leaders for GA Kids will be Claire Maddocks and her team. We are hoping to organise a trip into the city to visit a local attraction.

GA Teens

GA Teens (formerly called the Senior Programme) is for young people aged 12 to 17. It is hoped that their bedrooms will be grouped around the same corridor in the hotel. Sessions are run from breakfast to lunch, then from after lunch to dinner time. At other times seniors are the responsibility of their parent(s)/guardian(s). GA Teens will follow an action-packed programme of their own, meeting up with parents for evening meals and joining some of the Annual Meetings activities including the Anniversary Service and some motions. Parents should book them in for the evening meal each day and they’ll need a little pocket money for any days out. Your leaders will be Gavin Howell and his team. The activities and theme of the programme will be decided upon by the young people according to what they want to do.

There will be a brief meeting for parents, youth leaders and young people after lunch on the first day to talk about issues, expectations and boundaries for our time together.

PLEASE NOTE: GA KIDS AND GA TEENS ARE IN OPERATION DURING THE DAY ONLY – 8.45-6.35pm. During the evenings, and at mealtimes, children and young people are the responsibility of parents/guardians.


Children under 15 will ordinarily be allocated a twin room with their parents. This is necessary both to make children’s attendance affordable and to ensure enough availability of rooms for other delegates. On the positive side, the parent is then entitled to a £15 per night room sharing discount!

Due to Health and Safety concerns, cots and floor-mattresses cannot be provided. For Infants, parents are advised to bring a carry-cot for their child to sleep in. Parents must complete the consent form on the back of the registration form for the child’s participation in any Meetings programme.


If you want to join us for any of the days rather than stay overnight, that’s fine – please complete a booking form with this request.

GA Zette

In the evenings, some Seniors may wish to get involved with the production of the GA Zette. Please note that this is an activity of the FOY Society rather than the GA. FOY cannot undertake to supervise any children, young people and vulnerable adults who wish to participate. Children and young people remain the responsibility of their parents if they choose to assist with GA Zette.


Please do not let financial concerns stop you from attending these Annual Meetings. The Foy Society is offering grants to ensure that everyone who wants to has the chance to be involved in this national event. In addition, the GA is subsidising costs of attendance for various groups.


To help us with our planning, we need you to tell us in good time if you intend to make use of the Youth Programme, so please be sure that you book in good time.


Please contact Gavin Howell, our Youth Officer, if you have any concerns or questions about the Youth Programme at the Meetings, by phone (07984 075 384) or email (youth@unitarian.org.uk).