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Unitarian Meetings Presentations

If you are presenting a lecture, report or workshop at the Unitarian Meetings, we hope you will find the following information useful. We have written this guide to try and prevent some of the problems we have experienced in previous year and improve the overall standard of sessions.

Facilities in the rooms

The rooms we have hired are equipped with data projector systems where you can either plug in a laptop or a flash drive into the laptop that is in the room. If you wish to use Apple equipment, you will need to bring your own adaptor.

We would like your presentation in advance and will load it onto the main laptop (or you can plug a laptop to a VGA / HDMI cable at the podium in the main auditorium). Even if you are planning to use your own laptop, it is sensible to send a copy of your presentation to us in advance so that we have a copy on-site in case it is accidentally forgotten or corrupted on the day (this has happened in the past). We may also be able to check the file in advance to see whether it runs correctly. If your presentation includes music, please ensure the music is correctly incorporated into the presentation.

Microphones are provided in the rooms – please use them. These feed into the loop system and therefore allow people with hearing difficulties to experience the event.

Please do not send your files directly to the venue – send them to Andrew Mason (AMason@unitarian.org.uk) at Essex Hall by Monday 04 March 2019.

PowerPoint Template

A Powerpoint template (PPT) is provided, which you may find useful, and this year’s Unitarian Meetings logo. The recommended font for use is ‘Arial’ (the standard font). Please note that using small fonts makes it difficult for people with visual difficulties.

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The standard of presentations at previous Meetings has varied considerably. Some are truly memorable, where it was very obvious that considerable time and energy had been given to their planning. Others look as though they had been rushed and not given the preparation they required. The cost of the Meetings does make it important that the sessions are useful to the delegates. If you require help in the preparation of your session, please do contact Essex Hall for advice, but this needs to be before the end of February as there are many extra tasks we have to do in March.

Distressing content – Sometimes the sessions can contain content which is potentially distressing, or which could remind delegates of upsetting incidents of their own. If so, please: a) advertise this possibility in advance; b) arrange for support or counselling to be provided after the session; c) provide information on other sources of support.


We are aware there has been a problem in previous years with delegates not getting to sessions on time. We have extended the coffee time to try and alleviate this problem.

Please could you help the conference run smoothly by ensuring your session finishes at the correct time – remember that the next presenters will need some set-up time. If it doesn’t, there is a knock-on effect as there is very little time between events.  We know how much Unitarians like to talk, so please leave plenty of time at the end of your session for questions and comments.