Parking on-site


The GA has negotiated a heavily-discounted parking rate of £10, which covers parking for the whole of the main Annual Meetings (and the Ministers Pre-Conference and Unitarian College event taking place beforehand).

The hotel car park is operated by ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), so there are no tickets.

You can access to pay online at any time during your stay via the address below and choosing the first option “start” for a quick and easy exit. This can only be done whilst the event is live and not prior to the arrival date. The hotel recommends paying online to avoid queues on departure.

To get the discounted rate, you need to enter our unique event code: FTXVY

Alternatively there is also an option to pay at the machine next to Concierge in the main Reception if you are not resident. Any residents should advise Reception of their car registration at any time during their stay prior to departure.

Please note this link may not open on older versions of Microsoft Office but can be accessed by all mobile devices, tablets and androids. Alternatively Chrome, Safari & Firefox can support this also

Upon departure the barrier will lift. Charges will only be made for those who have parked their cars in the hotel car park.

Please note that car parking spaces are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Cars parked in the NEC car parks are out of the hotel’s control and charges are variable.

pdf download of the Parking instructions