Delegate Information

 Please read the Annual Meetings Handbook! This really can’t be stressed enough.

 Before you come

Cash – There is a cash machine on site, but there is a fee for withdrawing cash. There are free cash machines in the nearby NEC buildings, but otherwise please remember to bring whatever cash you think you will need.

Drinks – You are welcome to bring your own drinks to consume in your room if you wish. Outside your room, only drinks purchased from the venue should be consumed. Please be aware that the bedrooms do not have fridges, and therefore it is not recommended that fresh food be brought.


On arrival

Parking – Parking is by availability only. You can purchase a parking permit from the hotel reception for £10, which will cover the duration of the conference.

If you need a disabled parking space, we recommend that you book this in advance directly with the hotel. For those with mobility difficulties, we would recommend that you unload your luggage at the main entrance and then park your car in the car park provided. Cars should be left at the main entrance for the minimum amount of time possible to avoid congestion.

Arrival – Please come to the main entrance. Luggage should be dropped off at the Hotel Concierge Desk. You should then register at the GA Registration Desk for the conference. Bedrooms are available from 3pm and room keys should be collected from the Hotel Reception Desk.


While at the venue

Bar – The main lounge bar is open 24 hours.

Spa and Sauna facilities – See Handbook for more details.

Wi-fi – There is free wi-fi available throughout the hotel. You can obtain codes from the Hotel Reception Desk. If available, we will put codes in your arrivals package or the Annual Meetings Handbook.


You can leave!

Everyone needs a break, and possibly some fresh air, every now and again. There is a small, quiet wooded area behind the hotel where you can go to relax. The lake behind the hotel is also a nice place for a walk. If you need some supplies, there are shops in the NEC. We’ll provide a map of the immediate area showing these.